Hello, World.

I'm draconigen, a sushi addicted, european software developer. I use this super power to make tools that help people with daily little tasks.

Guest Book

Or, rather, guest board, is a Svelte toy project and replacement for a defunct graphic guestbook from the 2000s, including restoration of of many entries people had left on it over time.
If you would like to try it yourself, come back with a larger screen - the canvas required some space. It would be a pleasure to have you, dear guest, leave your mark on this space:

Recent Projects

Due to my beliefs in Free and Open Source Software, clean data that stays with the user and the abdication of pointless logins, none of the following projects include unnecessary accounts, cloud connections, built-in analytics, ads or revenue generators.

Eurofurence Websites

I made some of the websites for Eurofurence, Europes largest furry convention.

Check them out at archive.eurofurence.org

test Flam's Favorites Folder

A Telegram channel where my FA favorites are posted, one at a day.
Randomly, so it is a surprise walk down memory lane to myself, too.

Join on Telegram 🔞

Eurofurence Badger

A Firefox & Chrome addon that adds "new" badges to pages updated since your last visit to the Eurofurence website.

Get it for Firefox / Chrome

Patreon Download Helper

A Firefox addon that downloads your subscribed content as you browse Patreon.

Get it for Firefox

FurAffinity Previewer

A Firefox addon for FurAffinity. Hover over a thumbnail and get a larger preview.

Get it for Firefox

Sir Barkalong

A Telegram bot for groups. Teach him what to bark at what command, and he will bark along!
Good for resolving recipes to whole shopping lists, for example.

Get it on Telegram

Sushi Shopping List

A website to help you create a shopping list for making 🍣 sushi at home.
Based on years of experience on how much of what to buy.

Check it out online


A website to track your expenses and income in a simple budgeting tool. All data is stored in local storage, within your browser - no transmission to any cloud or server involved!

Check it out online

FurAffinity Dead Account Finder

A Firefox addon for FurAffinity. Scan your followed artists one by one and find whose account is dead or moved.

Get it for Firefox


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